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Anodising Chemicals and Equipment

Alpha Chemicals Anodising Division provides a unique ‘end to end’ solution for the Anodising industry.

Our mix of quality products, services and expertise allow us to help you optimise your Anodising process thereby minimising production costs and maximising your returns.

Our products and services include:

Chemicals and formulations for the anodising and colouring of Aluminium.

  • Alpha offer a number of our own proven formulations and standard chemicals but also are the exclusive distributors in Aust & NZ for a  range of chemicals for anodising and colouring aluminium from Alufinish GmbH, world leaders in the Anodising and Powder Coating industry.

Proven expert technical advice to optimise your process

  • Our years of involvement and research in this industry have provided us with an understanding and expertise in the optimisation of anodising process systems that is difficult to find elsewhere.

Reliable ongoing bath chemistry testing and analysis.

  • Our fully equipped laboratory facilities and our qualified, experienced staff offer a dedicated resource to help monitor your production, provide solutions to your issues and meet any individual requirements.

Equipment sales, installation and ongoing technical support for a range of equipment including rectifiers control equipment, transformers and colour interference units.

  • Alpha are the exclusive Australian & NZ distributors for Munk Gmbh, one of the world’s leading suppliers of rectifiers and control equipment for electroplating, anodising and hard anodising.


Alpha Chemicals is a 100% Australian owned manufacturing, formulating and trading company with a strong background in inorganic chemicals and considerable experience in organometallic compounds and a broad spectrum of formulations.

Our commitment to quality is supported by our Quality Management System, Environmental Protection policy and process and our focus on Health and Safety.

Our factory, in Sydney, Australia, manufactures a wide range of inorganic and organometallic compounds that are used in many industries and applications, ranging from paint additives, flame retardants and fungicides to anodising additives, concrete stains and plant micronutrients.

We welcome any opportunity to provide further information or assistance with your specific requirements.

Anodising Process Overview
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