The Experts in supplying, sourcing and distribution of chemicals to Australian industries.

Alpha Chemicals stocks a wide range of industrial chemicals for an array of industries. 

Optimise your anodising process with our mix of quality products, services and expertise.

Alpha Chemicals can provide a number of specialty products for the powdercoating industry.

Alpha Chemicals offers a wide range of raw materials for the manufacture of clays and glazes.

The Silform range of laboratory chemicals, glassware & equipment for a variety of applications.

Alpha Chemicals is a 100% Australian owned chemical distribution company with a strong background in inorganic chemicals.

Our warehouse, in Sydney, Australia, stocks a wide range of chemicals that are used in many industries and applications, ranging from ceramics raw materials, paint raw materials, electroplating raw materials, concrete stain raw materials, laboratory chemicals, water and wastewater treatment chemicals and animal health product raw materials through to a range of powder coating equipment and chemical additives and the complete range of anodising plant equipment and chemical additives.

Our staff would welcome the opportunity to provide further information on or assistance with your specific requirements. These may not be included on our website but our experience, facilities and resources enable us to source a wider range of products.

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Contract Chemical Manufacturing

Alpha Chemicals position as an independent, privately owned company enables us to assure full confidentiality  for our clients proprietary products and formulations.

Our qualified and experienced industrial chemists using our in-house laboratory facilities actively monitor all formulation and production under world best practice procedures to ensure total quality control while our technical customer service staff offer a dedicated resource to help solve your problem and meet your individual requirements. Enquire today.

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