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Rectifiers, AC DC Power Supplies and Control Equipment

As a key supplier of specialist chemicals to the electrochemical manufacturing industry, Alpha Chemicals is also the Australian/NZ distribution and service partner of MUNK GmbH, a world leading designer and manufacturer of DC and AC power supplies for a wide range of industrial electrochemical processes.

MUNK GmbH ‘s innovative thinking coupled with design and quality production expertise has been developed over the last 40 years and has established MUNK as a an international leader in the electrochemical industry specialising in: Electroplating, Aluminium, Magnesium, Titanium Anodizing, E-Coating, Water Treatment, Electrolysis for copper, zinc and chlorine, Melting.

All this is based on an extensive knowledge of designing rectifiers for industrial applications in the range of 2 to 1,000 Volts and 10 to 100,000 Amperes.

“Action, not reaction” is the mission statement at MUNK GmbH. In fact, one out of ten of the Munk team works in research and development, creating innovative products day after day. Nevertheless, they keep pushing their boundaries forward by working together with various European research institutes. They do not just buy parts and assemble power supplies, but manufacture all key components in-house. Consequently, MUNK GmbH has gathered unique expertise in power engineering thus being able to provide premium quality products.

Product Categories

  • DC Power Supplies
    • Air-Cooled
      • Rectifier Thyristor Technology
      • Switch-Mode Technology
    • Oil-Cooled
      • Variable Ratio Transformer Technology
      • Thyristor Technology
    • Water-Cooled
      • Thyristor Technology
      • Switch-Mode Technology
    • Oil-Water-Cooled
      • Variable Ratio Transformer Technology
      • Thyristor Technology
  • Pulse Current Power Supplies
    • < 100 ms (slow pulse)
    • < 100 ms (schneller Pulse)
  • Special Devices
    • Specialist Power Supplies for the Electrolytic Colouring of Aluminium that ensure higher productivity due to improved colour distribution and (interference colour shades) for reproducible surfaces.
    • Alternating Current Power Supply for the Colouring of Aluminium for reproducible surface results.
    • Anodic Bath Protection Processor for chemical nickel plating processes in stainless steel tanks.
  • Process Controllers
    • for Anodic Oxidation of Aluminium that increase productivity and creates more process reliability and provide you with the flexibility you need to successfully anodize various aluminium alloys. The flexible Programme Control offers a high-degree of useability
  • Remote Controls
    • Multifunction for almost every type of rectifier and electrochemical process
  • PC Software
    • takes on the task of process data logging for Hard Anodising, Anodising and Colouring Applications Pulse Plating Processes and other conventional Electroplating Operations as well as Manual Special Applications
  • Accessories
    • Ampere-hour meter, CC 4000
    • Current / Voltage Controller, UIB
    • Over Current Monitor, OCD 1/500
    • Rectifier Control Module, Profibus DP
    • Ramping Generator, HSG

Product Applications

  • Anodising/Colouring
  • Plating
  • Painting
  • Electrolytic Polishing
  • Electro Chemical Machining
  • Chemical Nickel
  • Water Treatment


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