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Alpha Chemicals can supply, either from its own production or through its trading options, a wide range of predominantly inorganic chemicals.

Alpha Chemicals’ factory in Cromer is fully equipped to manufacture a wide range of products. Our quality system ensures that the products we manufacture completely meet our customer’s requirements.

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Alpha Chemicals now produces a range of micronutrients for plant growth under the Alpha Chelates name. These micronutrients have been formulated as ‘binary chelates’ to produce very stable products with very high plant availability.

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The Alpha Chemicals range is complemented by a range of products and services supplied from leading international manufacturers.

Products include:

  • Inorganic Cobalt compounds, including Cobalt Carbonate & Cobalt Hydroxide.
  • Inorganic Tin compounds, including Stannous Chloride & Stannous Sulphate.
  • A range of chemicals and systems used in surface treatment applications for various metals from Alufinish GmbH.
  • Anodising equipment, rectifiers, transformers, control equipment and Interference colouring systems from Munk GmbH.

Through our agencies and overseas contacts we are able to supply many products on an ex-stock basis. We can also supply many other products on an indent basis.

Please ask us about any chemical products not on our list, and we will do our best to manufacture or source them for you.


Custom Formulation?

Contact us now to enquire about how we can assist you with your custom chemical requirements.

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