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Coating Chemicals

Coating Pre-treatments and Post-treatments

As Australian and New Zealand partners with Alufinish GmbH & Co, world leaders in the development and manufacture of specialist surface refinement chemicals, Alpha Chemicals can provide a range of pre and post-treatment products for aluminium, iron, steel, zinc and multimetals that improve coating adhesion and provide long-durable corrosion performance


Conventionally chromated or passivated by environmentally friendly processes: our products for the pre-treatment of aluminium prior to the coating process provide a long lasting paint adhesion. Either for wet paint or powder paint processes: rely on the great variety of our product range and on our long-year experience and give your customer a long term promise.

Iron & Steel

Phosphating is still considered to be the classic process for the pre-treatment of iron and steel surfaces prior to coating. We offer a variety of different products: conventional iron phosphatings, zinc phosphatings for a better corrosion protection, or low temperature systems for an effective reduction of line operation costs.


For the pre-treatment prior to duplex coating systems there are also many special products available. By these products you obtain plenty of design possibilities and at the same time you make an important contribution to the protection of the environment.

Alufinish coating
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