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Contract Chemical Manufacturing

What is Contract Chemical Manufacturing or Toll Blending

Toll blending or contract chemical manufacturing is a service where clients who have unique chemical formulas to mix provide the chemical formulation and our factory provides the chemical blending/mixing or manufacturing services required to supply a finished product.   Whether your manufactured product is a raw material to be used in further production processes or it is a finished product ready for sale, Alpha Chemicals will manufacture it to your specifications ready for final packaging.

Why use Toll Blending or Contract Chemical Manufacturing Services?

Many clients are new businesses requiring proof of concept or small product runs to test market before taking their business further. A number of clients simply do not want to invest in expensive manufacturing facilities and compliance systems preferring to focus on the marketing of their product as their core business while other clients use our services as an extension to their own production facilities to help manage excess production requirements.

Toll blending or contract manufacturing is in most cases a very cost-effective service due to our ability to use our machinery and processes for many customers and products thus maximising production scale and efficiencies.  Compliance with regulatory controls covering chemical production is also an expensive area that can be amortised across multiple clients.  Alpha Chemicals holds all required chemical handling and production licences and permits and operates under strict regulatory environmental and quality control procedures.

Toll Blending by Alpha Chemicals

Alpha Chemicals is a 100% Australian owned chemical manufacturing, formulating and trading company with a strong background in inorganic chemicals and considerable experience in organometallic compounds and a broad spectrum of formulations.

For over 50 years, Alpha Chemicals factory in Sydney, Australia, has manufactured a wide range of inorganic and organometallic compounds (industrial metal salts) that are used in many industries and applications.

Over this time we have manufactured our own proprietary products as well as providing custom formulating, manufacturing and blending services to other Australian and international businesses in various industries including:

  • Agricultural
  • Animal feed Additives
  • Animal Health
  • Antibacterial
  • Ceramics
  • Concrete Surface Finishing
  • Mining
  • Paint
  • Rubber

Alpha Chemicals position as an independent, privately owned company enables us to assure full confidentiality  for our clients proprietary products and formulations.

Our qualified and experienced industrial chemists using our in-house laboratory facilities actively monitor all formulation and production under world best practice procedures to ensure total quality control while our technical customer service staff offer a dedicated resource to help solve your problem and meet your individual requirements.

Contract Chemical Manufacturing (Toll Blending) Services

  • Confidential management of your product concepts and proprietary formulations
  • Technical assistance for formulation development
  • Sourcing and purchasing of required raw materials
  • Production volumes as required – small through to large.
  • Supply of product in either bulk or finished packaging if required (subject to final pack specs)
  • Laboratory analysis and Quality reports
  • Local, national or international delivery
Other Services Alpha Chemicals provides:
  • Custom Chemical manufacturing & blending
  • Liquid Chemical Blending
  • Custom chemical formulation
  • Proprietary label manufacture and packing
  • Small volume chemical manufacturing
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