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Alpha Chemicals has established a reputation as a reliable supplier of chemicals, but in addition we provide many other services to suit particular customer requirements.

Custom Formulating

We have the expertise to formulate products to meet our customers’ particular requirements.  Whether that be modifying an existing chemical solution or formulating a whole new chemical solution to meet a specific need, Alpha Chemical can assist.

Our skilled chemists have the ability to take your existing formulations and test and evaluate them for effectiveness and production efficiency or start with only your concepts or problems and engineer tailor-made chemical solutions formulated to meet your unique requirements.

For more information click here:  Custom Chemical Formulation

Contract Manufacture

We offer a full chemical manufacturing service, under confidentiality, for our customers’ proprietary products and formulations. With a scalable facility we can offer small volume production through to larger volumes making our service a valuable option for clients who may have a product to produce, but don’t have the facilities to produce it and or need only small volume production to initially take to market.

For more information click here:  Contract Chemical Manufacturing


Alpha Chemicals provides a complete package for the Anodising industry including chemicals and equipment and technical support.

Our chemicals range includes standard and specialist formulations for the treatment of aluminium and other metal surfaces including Alphacol IG for gold dyeing of anodised Aluminium, Stannous Sulphate, and a range of other chemicals and systems for anodising and colouring aluminium from Alufinish GmbH.

With our chemical supply, Alpha Chemicals also offers high level analytical support for its customers providing technical advice on the usage of chemicals and equipment to maximise production and minimise costs.

In addition we have an association with Munk Gmbh who are one of the world’s leading suppliers of rectifiers and control equipment for electroplating, anodising and hard anodising. Munk also supply colour transformers and interference colouring units to provide anodised Aluminium with a range of durable colours. Alpha Chemicals provides sales, technical advice and backup support for the Munk range in Australia and New Zealand.

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