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Pollution Incident Response Management

A Pollution Incident Response Management Plan has been developed in accordance with the requirements of the Protection of the Environment Operations (General) Amendment (Pollution Incident Response Management Plans) Regulation 2012.

The objectives of the plan (as per the EPA’s Environmental Guidelines for the preparation of pollution incident response management plans) are to:

  • Ensure comprehensive and timely communication about a pollution incident to staff at the premises, the Environment Protection Authority (EPA), other relevant authorities and community members who may be affected by the impacts of the pollution incident;
  • Minimise and control the risk of a pollution incident at the facility by requiring identification of risks and the development of planned actions to minimise and manage those risks; and
  • Ensure that the plan is properly implemented by trained staff, identifying persons responsible for implementing it, and ensuring that the plan is regularly tested for accuracy, currency and suitability

Incident Response Protocols

This section provides details on the incident response protocols for responding to an incident that has resulted in a material impact to human health or the environment.

Government Agencies

In the event of a pollution incident the following notification procedure will be followed.

Firstly, call 000 if the incident presents an immediate threat to human health or property. Fire and Rescue NSW, the NSW Police and the NSW Ambulance Service are the first responders, as they are responsible for controlling and containing incidents.

If the incident does not require an initial combat agency, or once the 000 call has been made, notify the relevant authorities in the following order. The 24-hour hotline for each authority is given when available:

  • The EPA – phone Environment Line on 131 555
  • The Northern Area Public Health Unit – 02 9477 9188
  • The WorkCover Authority – phone 13 10 50
  • Warringah Shire Council on 02 9942 2111
  • Fire and Rescue NSW – phone 1300 729 579
    Note: If the situation warranted calling 000 as a first point of notification, you do not need to ring Fire and Rescue NSW again.

Local Community

In the case of an emergency situation at Alpha Chemicals the following actions will occur.

  • If an evacuation of the factory is required the Emergency Evacuation siren will sound for an extended time. Please note that the siren will sound for short periods during evacuation drills which are held on an annual basis.
  • If an incident occurs which may affect the local area a door knock will be undertaken of all potentially affected residences.
  • For all air pollution incidences that may affect neighbours, those neighbours will be asked to close their doors and windows and stay indoors until further notice.
  • For water pollution incidents that may affect neighbours who could access the said water, those neighbours will be asked to avoid use of the water until further notice.
  • If an evacuation of the local area is required a door knock will be undertaken of all residences required to be evacuated.
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