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If you have been looking to buy Lead Acetate, for commercial use, look no further than Alpha Chemicals. As a chemical manufacturer and supplier for over 50 years we offer an expert, dedicated and flexible resource to help solve your individual chemical requirements.

How can I buy Lead Acetate?

To buy Lead Acetate from Alpha Chemicals you can;

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  • Generally we have no minimum order quantity
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  • Larger volume discounts may apply for bulk orders

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Alpha Chemicals, your Lead Acetate supplier

Alpha Chemicals has been supplying quality Lead Acetate for over 50 years to both local and export markets. Alpha Chemicals is a 100% Australian owned manufacturing, formulating and trading company with a strong background in inorganic chemicals and considerable experience in organometallic compounds and a broad spectrum of formulations.

Much of our production is exported throughout the world and we have agents and distributors in New Zealand, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand the USA, Pakistan, Mauritius, South Africa and Europe.

Trust Alpha Chemicals your Lead Acetate supplier.

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Orders can be placed via

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As a stock service, the majority of products can be despatched immediately. Multiple delivery options are available dependent on the type of goods, the relevant transport classification and the urgency of the requirement. Call us to discuss the options.

There are no set minimum order quantities however a re-packing fee is applicable for quantities below the smallest standard pack size of 25 kg.

  • a reagent to make other lead compounds
  • a fixative for some dyes.
  • In low concentrations, it is the principal active ingredient in progressive types of hair colouring dyes
  • a mordant in textile printing and dyeing,
  • a drier in paints and varnishes
  • waterproofing,
  • chrome pigments,
  • insecticide
  • Manufacture of lead salts.
  • Astringent and sedative (usually in lotions) for bruises and superficial inflammation.

Buy Lead Acetate

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